Great Story, Dude.
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Great Story, Dude.

As marketers, we brand our businesses and brand ourselves through stories. We tell the world how we got to where we are today…


What private hells we endured in the honing of our crafts,


What it took for us to finally create the solutions to the nagging problems we now can solve for the rest of the world,


Or of the pivotal days that pushed us – unceremoniously — off the ledge, and qualified us to talk other potential jumpers down from that very same ledge.


These brand stories represent our ascent into the world of entrepreneurship. And they create bonds with our customers that lead to sales… that foster success.


But what about the stories we don’t tell everyone else?

What about the stories that we tell ourselves, instead?

The ones that hold us back? Hold us down? Hold us hostage to our own self-sabotage and destructive habits?

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How Telling Your Story Translates to Sales
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How Telling Your Story Translates to Sales

There’s a lot of talk in the branding and business worlds these days about story telling. And every day I read long, involved stories from business owners who lead with their life experiences – who use their own journeys as the basis for presenting their products.


And last week, I had an interesting question from a reader:


“How does finding a unique story translate into actual sales?”

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How to Handle the Haters? What to Do About Negative Online Reviews and Comments.
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How to Handle the Haters? What to Do About Negative Online Reviews and Comments.

In my last two blog posts, I introduced you to some friends of mine – business owners who were blown away by a brutal online review from a high profile client. And how this review started a downward spiral for my friends that resulted in them losing enthusiasm for their business, then losing actual business, and then sliding into a dangerous sea of inactivity.


In the first post, I addressed the inactivity, and what to do when you feel like doing nothing. (You can find it here.)


In the second post, I addressed the issue of how my friends allowed someone or something outside of them to define them — and their brand. (You can find it here.)


And in today’s post, I want to address something less emotional, and more pragmatic:


How do you deal with critics, angry customers, and haters online?

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Whiteout Conditions. But I Can Still See the “B” Everywhere I Look.
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Whiteout Conditions. But I Can Still See the “B” Everywhere I Look.

I’m blessed to be at Mammoth Mountain in northern California this week. It’s “ski week” for schools in California (no… that is NOT a joke), and our teenager, like so many others, is drawn to snowboarding like moth to flame. I grew up skiing, and then outgrew the urge. I tried snowboarding, and it was an unmitigated disaster. These days, I spend my time in Mammoth like a “brand detective,” watching, listening, and learning about what sells.


And what an amazing place for brand-watching this is.


It snowed 18 inches last night. There are 25-mile-per-hour winds. You can hear the cannons on the mountains, starting safe avalanches to avoid disasters. It’s a cold mess. But even in whiteout conditions, I can clearly see the Burton “B” everywhere I look.

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Do You Suffer from Low Brand-Esteem?
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Do You Suffer from Low Brand-Esteem?

Recently I hosted two live webinars where I talked with hundreds of business owners about the 7 common mistakes I see in branding, and a “Flub-Proof” formula for building a great brand. (You can watch a replay here.)


In the chat box during the webinars, I saw these comments (or iterations of these comment) again and again:


“I don’t have the confidence I need to ask for the business. “


“I need to be more courageous in promoting my brand.”


“I’m afraid to put myself out there.”


Confidence. It’s a loaded word, isn’t it?

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How to Breathe Life into a Paper Doll
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How to Breathe Life into a Paper Doll

Shallow and meaningless.


Looks great on paper, not so interesting in real life…


Just another pretty face.


Skin deep.




Empty. Devoid of character.


Arm candy.


Does this sound like someone you’d hang out with? Make a connection with? Follow to the ends of the Earth? Is this a person you’d share your money with? Invest in? Believe in? Tell your friends about?


Not one bit.


But here’s what’s interesting: I meet brands like this every day.


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Why Moments of Clarity In Business Are Way Overrated
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Why Moments of Clarity In Business Are Way Overrated

You know that moment when you see things in your business for exactly what they are? When everything lines up for you and you understand JUST how things work? When you really GET something? When all of the sudden it occurs to you that you’ve been after the wrong customers, or messaging from the wrong angle, or branding yourself entirely the wrong way?


When you say, “A-ha! OMG! Eureka!” and you smack yourself on the forehead?


You know when you have those moments of clarity about your business?


You shouldn’t be having them.

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The Dangerously High Price of Poor Strategy
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The Dangerously High Price of Poor Strategy

If you’ve been around my blog, my website or my Facebook page for long, you’ll know that I’m a stickler for strategy. I love a good plan. I’m wild about doing things for a good reason. And where branding is concerned, I don’t make a move without a sound strategy.


But you know what? Oddly enough, this is a very UNCOMMON position in the world of entrepreneurs and small businesses. “Strategy first,” has a bit of a bad rap.


And that’s a shame. Because “strategy first” is really the only way to go.


Every day I watch people – in and outside the world of branding and marketing – pay for tactics and forego strategy. They’ll buy the tangibles (the things they can see and touch) but they won’t invest in the strategy that makes those tactics successful.

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The Devil is in the Discount. Why You Should NEVER Lower Your Rate.
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The Devil is in the Discount. Why You Should NEVER Lower Your Rate.

In the late 90’s, I was managing a premium brand for Jacuzzi and we had a giant web project up for bid. It was a complicated project, requiring the development and management of standardized websites for franchise hot tub dealers in 63 countries.


I had a brilliant young woman submit a proposal for the job, and I knew I wanted to hire her. She was sharp and determined and her solutions were creative and well-strategized.


But her proposal was out of my budget range.


I asked her to come to my office to discuss the proposal – to see if there was a way we could work together within my budget. I knew in my gut that she was the best solution for our issue at hand, and I intended to hire her. I was fully prepared to give up some of the services in the proposal – to minimize the bells and whistles – in exchange for the peace of mind I would receive in working with a true professional who was highly motivated to do the job.


She wanted the job.


I wanted her work.


When we sat down at the table and I presented my budget limitations, her automatic reply was:


“I can give you a 25% discount. I’d really like to work with you.”


In a split second, it changed the way I felt about her. I wondered – if she would give up so easily on her hourly rate – whether or not she really had other clients, and why she was clamoring for work.


I wondered if I’d misjudged her value.

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