strategic juju: /joo-joo/

1. The superpower or unmatched energy possessed by your organization, and communicated through your brand, to change the way people feel.

2. Me.

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That’s some
good juju, man.

A brand is about more than colors and icons and products and services. It’s about the way your organization makes people feel. A good brand is about what your customers sense and experience every time they bump into you – in person, online, at a retail channel, in a private conversation at happy hour. It’s about what you give off. And it’s about what lingers… long after you’ve made the sale. Good branding is about juju.

Juju is innate.  It emanates, radiates. It colors things. We all have it. Every company’s got it, too. We all know what juju is: we just can’t always see it in ourselves. Sometimes we need a little help to put a finger on it – to wrap a brand and a message around the essence of it.

And when we do… watch out. Teams rally around it, moments are shared within it, customers feel grateful for it, relationships are born from it, reputations are cultivated through it. Because the thing about juju is: good or bad, you leave a little bit behind wherever you go.

A brand is about the way you make people feel. And that should be some good juju, man.

Find and brand your organization’s incomparable force: your juju.
Create it, radiate it, share it… leave it behind wherever you go.