I have worked with Julia Hook for more than 15 years. We hired her at DGWB Advertising (now Amusement Park Inc.) to help us with strategic planning as we brought on Toshiba – our largest client ever. She is smart, but easy going and very much a team player. She is strategic and thoughtful and always thinks about measures of success and ROI. She cares deeply about finding that little truth/insight that will drive consumer action for her clients. Julia worked side by side with many people at the Agency she didn’t know. She jumped in, rolled up her sleeves and helped launch a very successful global brand for an important client of ours.

Johanna Curgus
Group Account Director, Amusement Park Inc.

Julia Hook and her creative team have provided consultation and marketing leadership to AutoNation Direct for multiple years. They are sharp, to the point, reliable and relevant. Our team members enjoy working with Julia and her crew. In 2013 they lead the AutoNation Direct team through a product branding exercise that was exciting and fulfilling for everyone involved. In the years following we have rolled out the branded offerings to affinity partners throughout the nation, and co-branded our services with strategic partners again and again. Her team helped support these partner relationships and provide a valuable extension to the AutoNation Direct Marketing Department. I would recommend Julia to any company looking for sound strategy and marketing knowledge. Hire her. You won’t regret it.

Ron Frey
Chief Strategy Officer, AutoNation Direct

(Following the branding strategy process…)

Your hard work, dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm throughout this process have been unbelievable.

This entire process, culminating with my reveal to the company on Monday is in the top 5 professional moments of my career.

Thank you for being a part of The Auto Buying Alternative…AutoNation Direct!!!

Brian Feldman
General Manager, AutoNation Direct

We have hired Julia Hook for many important projects over the years, from leading our strategic planning to branding and vision development.  She has worked with the leaders of our organization and brought us together as a team to make decisions and develop a strong direction for the organization.  Julia has a gift and ability to make you think, dig deeper into the conversation and keep conversations focused.  I highly recommend her to others and would hire her back in an instant for future projects.

Heather Summers
SVP Marketing, LBS Financial Credit Union

Julia is the real deal…not some empty suit who thinks talking is working. Instead of spouting marketing jargon over a latte, she actually gets shit done.

First, she designs marketing plans that work. Then, she executes. It’s that simple.

As someone who has done a lot of Julia’s bidding, I can say she pushes her vendors hard, getting excellent value for her clients. Amazingly, I do not hate her. That should tell you a lot. Iron fist in a velvet glove here folks. The key is Julia shoots straight and you always feel like you can trust her.

Bottom line: Use her before your competition does.

Michael Davis

Julia Hook has been a colleague and friend for nearly 20 years, and spending time with her, whether in work or pleasure, always leaves me inspired and full. I run a non-profit organization called Big City Broadway — a performance arts education and service-oriented business. Julia helped us organize what we do and package it into easy, marketable points. Because of her strategic advice we have managed to grow our business more than 40 percent in the last three years. She gave us tools that transcended beyond the marketing aspect of our business – tools that have proved valuable with our business planning, donors, and in our grant writing process, as well. BCB would recommend Julia to help make your business clear and easy!

Gina Feliccia
President and Artistic Producer, Big City Broadway

Julia Hook is one of the most intelligent people and most creative thinkers that I have had the pleasure to both work with and know. She has been both a leader and a mentor to many successful executives. Julia assisted my organization with creative when we wanted to move in a new direction in our messaging. Her extensive knowledge of the financial services and automotive industries were a perfect match for the audience we needed to reach. She has a unique ability to quickly identify both consumer and corporate needs, provide smart and effective solutions, and deliver an excellent finished product – one that drives both brand and revenue. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a driven, “no nonsense” consultant with integrity and creativity to ultimately deliver bottom line results.

Marci Francisco
VP Automotive Marketing and Business Development, CU Direct

Working for Julia was one of my most cherished times as an employee before making the transition to running my own company. Julia approaches business and life with enthusiasm, optimism, and a tactfulness and graciousness that is truly inspiring. She motivated and encouraged me to be the best version of myself personally and professionally and I keep with me so many of her teachings that carry on into my daily life. Today, Julia is much more than a former employer to me. She is my mentor, my friend and one of the few people I truly admire. Employees at any business, large or small, will benefit tremendously from Julia’s wisdom (always delivered with the perfect amount of humor and sass) and will undoubtedly become as big of fans of her as I am.

Nicole O’Hare
Principal and Media Director, Cole Advertising

Julia is a pro: responsive, creative, always on time. I’m looking forward to working with her for a long time.

Jerry Darnell
Darnell and Associates

Julia has an original and global view of business strategy and branding to share with organizations. She understands how business works when all the pieces are linked together cohesively, but she will also challenge high performing businesses to try linking work concepts differently for fresh perspective and growth. Julia delivers thoughtful viewpoints with infectious energy and a wonderful amount of humor so that the process of organizational revitalization is inclusive, meaningful and a whole lot of fun.

Geri LaChance
President/CEO, SESLOC Federal Credit Union San Luis Obispo, CA

Julia Hook has been a consultant and advisor to the Carla Renee brand for decades. As I’ve grown and developed in several channels (chef, restaurateur, caterer, designer), Julia has advised me on my brand, my strategy, and my message. Her creative group has developed the nitty-gritty, like logos, layouts, website, brochures… as well as the more valuable intangibles, like brand training for my employees and a strong public relations program. I look to Julia for counsel on every aspect of my business that involves marketing and strategy. She’s a smart cookie — and we look smarter when we use her.

Carla Renee Gravley
Chef, Restaurateur, Caterer

I first worked with Julie over 25 years ago, when she was just starting out. She was an intern at a local credit union and we were her marketing agency. I’ve always believed when it comes to marketing, you either get it or you don’t. Well, Julie “got it” from Day One. She instinctively grasped key strategic and communication issues. Then she went off and got experience and an MBA on top of that! Yes, she’s the whole package. She can take a complex project, conceptualize and produce it on time and on budget, while keeping a killer sense of humor. So just hire her—she’ll get it done, done well, and make it an enjoyable experience to boot.

Marcia Zoe Buchalter
President, Buchalter Consulting