Give me some
of that juju.

You know you’re in the right place if you’re looking to brand yourself or your company in an authentic and imaginative way. Why hire me or take my advice?  I love this stuff.  It turns me on. There’s nothing better than getting to know a new tribe and helping them find their shine. There’s nothing better than a ride toward success through the beautiful countryside of a well-mapped brand.

I’m Juju Hook. For 25 years I’ve been helping companies build brand identities. I started with an undergrad in creative writing, working on the client side. I got the prerequisite MBA, and for a decade I learned the nuts and bolts of marketing and measurement as an executive in the financial industry. I learned syndication and channel marketing while managing brands for Jacuzzi. I traveled, trained, networked, mentored and managed. And I was always the one who saw things a little differently, always the one who pushed the envelope.

So naturally, I became a consultant.  And once I stepped away from my corporate ambitions, I found myself immersed and absorbed in clients’ companies in a refreshing and honest way. I found my juju. I coached executives and led discussions. I gathered employee opinions and conceived surveys to capture reality. I guided arguers to consensus and leaders to the truth. I helped companies find “it.” And it was thrilling.

So I pursued ways to go even deeper. I became a certified yoga instructor so I could better understand how we’re all connected. I studied meditation with gurus and learned to listen to the still, small voice inside me, my clients, and their organizations. I became a certified health coach so I could advise companies on growing happy customers and happy employees for brands that transcend. I just took the whole darned thing to a different level.

Because a good brand is about the way you make people feel.

Why hire me? I’m good juju, man.


Find it

For the branding process to flourish, we’ve got to do it together, in the right environment. Through online learning, on-site strategy workshops, custom webinars, meetings, retreats – whatever works best for your company’s size and structure – we’ll find your organization’s true juju… its superpower. We’ll name it. We’ll write a story about it. We’ll build a brand around it, or renovate the brand you already have. And then we’ll shout it from the mountaintops.

Juju Hook
Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Motivator


Live it

Beyond the taglines, colors and standards, dynamic brands work their magic through every aspect of the customer experience. So during the process, we’ll dig around and stir things up a bit. We’ll figure out where “it” happens between you and the consumer. We’ll figure out how to deliver “it” time after time.


After we’ve developed your brand strategy together — if you choose, we can build the perfect creative team to design and launch it. It’s nice to keep things loose where creative teams are concerned. The world is filled with amazing talent, and over the past quarter century I’ve had the good fortune to build and maintain heaps of long-term relationships with folks bearing remarkable creative gifts. I find brands sing the loudest when creative teams are built after strategy’s been established. And if you’ve already got a creative team in place, no sweat. We love new friends. That’s just good juju.


The world of digital advertising has provided us with the means to measure just about everything. But what’s a click or a like, if it doesn’t result in a relationship? What’s a page view, if the viewer doesn’t share your organization’s worldview? Together, let’s find a way to measure what matters, so our experience is meaningful, and so is your ROI.

Web-based workshops and online courses for business and personal branding plus weekly free content on the blog
Motivational speeches, workshops, and custom webinars on branding, authenticity, transformation and potential
On-site corporate strategy workshops, brand strategy development, creative execution

Find and brand your organization’s incomparable force:  your juju. Create it, radiate it, share it… leave it behind wherever you go. Download my free e-book:

Brand Your Juju
Ten Steps for Building Brands that Change Minds and Change the World


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