March 17, 2016

Anatomy of a Good Brand, with Mihai Herman

Anatomy of a Good Brand, with Mihai Herman

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Mihai Herman sat me down for an interview. Mihai is a business coach for creative entrepreneurs – and he lives in Romania. He’s young. He’s ambitious. He’s a firecracker. He’s got a social following of more than 30,000, and he’s a regular contributor for the Huffington Post. And what I like most about Mihai is that he’s looking to learn and improve every chance he gets.

Mihai wanted to know about my experience as an entrepreneur. What was it like starting out? Who mentored me? What kind of fears and doubts did I have? How do I manage my whacky perfectionist tendencies and Imposter Syndrome? He even wanted to know how I’d dealt with failures over the years. (Which made me think so hard, I wrote a blog post about it.)

We shot the breeze for about an hour, and Mihai posted the interview on his blog. So if you want to hear my story, off-the-cuff with no rehearsal, then check it out here.

There are even some juicy nuggets in there about branding and story-telling. Enjoy!


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