May 27, 2015

Badass Juju: Tito’s Vodka

Every now and then, we’ll feature a brand that’s badass. A brand that plays it with a candor that’s gutsy. A brand that shows itself for what it really truly is.

For this very reason, I love Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Check out Tito Beveridge (yes, this is the last name he was given at birth). He makes vodka at the oldest legal distillery in Texas. When Beveridge started his company, he was pretty clear about his mission: he set out to make vodka so smooth people could drink it straight. According to an interview with, he also had visions of writing off his bar tab.

I like the Tito’s for lots of reasons. First, the brand image aptly complements the brand story.  A bottle of Tito’s looks, tastes and feels like it was hand-distilled in Austin, Texas. The website and marketing materials feel just the same. I know where I’m at when I hit the Tito’s site. And I know where I’m going when I buy a bottle of Tito’s.

Tito claims on his website that he makes a “filet mignon at a pot roast price,” and I think he’s right.  But despite my love for the product, I’ve got real respect for the marketing. Tito’s just does everything right.

Take a look at, and see a brand with a simple, straightforward message, infused with humor and Texas charm. Take a look at a guy who admits he figured it out on his own. Who cops to taking out $88,000 in charge card debt because he couldn’t get financing. Who used his friends as guinea pigs. Take a look at a vodka that’s making waves and being honest. See Tito’s for good brand juju.

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