June 16, 2015

Is That What You’re Wearing?

Every day your brand steps out in social media. You hope potential customers will see you, like you, follow you, tweet you, buy from you. There’s an amazing temptation to go with the trend. To follow the crowd. To fit in.


Do not succumb to temptation.


Your brand should have its own style. It should have standards and guidelines. It must have rules. If it doesn’t, at best you’ll run the risk of looking like someone else. At worst you’ll run the risk of looking ridiculous.


Get to know how your brand comfortably and genuinely looks, feels, sounds and behaves in public. Know what you stand for. Recognize your own sense of humor. Create a wardrobe for your brand.


Imagine your brand standing before the mirror:


Does this post make my brand look big? Does this color make my brand look washed out? Does this blog go with these principles? Can a brand my age really pull this off?


Heaven forbid you see your brand in photos later and say, “I can’t believe I actually wore that.”

How to Brand Your Juju
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