June 12, 2015

There Will Always Be Enough

It’s so easy to come from a place of lack as we build our brands, our images, our companies, and our customer bases. At times a sense of panic sets in. “I’m running out of time, money, ideas, patience.” It’s true that some resources are finite. But most often when it comes to what we need in business, there’s always enough. And if we’ve exhausted our supply in the present moment, we can make more.


Seth Godin delivered some beautiful ideas this morning in his blog about overcoming the extraction mindset.  About the idea that when resources are limited, we grab until we run out, with no regard to sustainability. I love Godin’s message and his warning. And his thoughts took me to a related place: How is it that Seth Godin never runs out of ideas? Every day he shows up in my news feed with a fresh focus, a novel concept, or a fascinating take on some seemingly ordinary thing.


Intellectual and emotional capital are not finite. One of the comforting truths I’ve discovered – and am attempting to teach our son – is that we never run out of life’s most powerful resources: love, respect, passion, wonder… The reserves are never-ending. This perspective takes us far beyond hope. It takes us to the understanding that everything will be just fine.


It’s tempting to see business as different from “real life.” But that’s always a trap. Business is real life. And the ever-comforting wisdom of abundance carries straight over to our commercial enterprises. The most powerful resources in business – innovation, connection, creativity, reputation, influence, capacity for change – are unlimited. The real trick is in learning how to mine them.


The next time you find yourself vying for a competitor’s customers, or feeling resentful that they’ve stolen yours, focus on your unlimited power to connect. The next time you feel fearful of someone stealing your idea, start thinking about a new one. The next time you worry that your image has been tarnished, remind yourself that opportunities to rebuild and reshape are endless.


The next time you fear you’re running out, ask yourself, “How can I make more?”

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