May 20, 2016

Ever Try Too Hard?

Ever Try Too Hard?

I haven’t been my consistent wordy self on the blog for the past few weeks, because I’ve been trying.


I’ve had my head down, trying to make something work.

Pushing. Pressing. Testing. Tweaking. Wiggling. Testing.

Sighing. Crying. Laughing. Singing. Then sighing and crying again…


I did my very first yoga video just after I turned 40, almost ten years ago. It was Baron Baptiste’s “Journey into Power.” Everything about yoga was new and weird and amazing for me, and for long moments I just sat and stared at Baron.


But when he said, “Don’t try hard; try easy, “ I had to stop and rewind.


Don’t try hard? Try easy??!!

How far am I gonna get without trying hard, for Pete’s sake??

Who the hell is this guy?


But as it turns out, Baron was a genius. That first day, he told me to ask myself all kinds of things I’d never considered:


Where can I struggle less?

Where can I let go more?

Am I holding onto tension, or my idea of what I’m supposed to be doing?


He opened a channel in my heart… and after that, things just started to flow. I hung out with Baron every day that summer. We were tight. We were like this.


And then we just drifted apart…

We both met other people.

Shit happens.


But this morning, I woke up thinking about him. And about how hard I’ve been trying.  And I decided I’m gonna look him up.


It’s the weekend. Don’t try hard. Try easy.

Just let that shit go.

Share with me in the comments about what you’re holding onto…

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