How Telling Your Story Translates to Sales
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How Telling Your Story Translates to Sales

There’s a lot of talk in the branding and business worlds these days about story telling. And every day I read long, involved stories from business owners who lead with their life experiences – who use their own journeys as the basis for presenting their products.


And last week, I had an interesting question from a reader:


“How does finding a unique story translate into actual sales?”

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What’s In a Word? Just About Everything.
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What’s In a Word? Just About Everything.

As of late, I’ve been overcome by the power of words.


The current political environment and the division of our country are driven by words.

The holiday shopping season and the frenzy that ensues is created with words.

The rise of the sale of Internet products: words.

The coaching and consulting that has become so prevalent in our society: more words.

Performance reviews, TED Talks, sales pages, op eds, podcasts, elevator speeches, LinkedIn profiles, Tweets, emails, stand-up comedy, and angry rants in the comment section of news blogs: all words.


Most of us have told our children at some point or another that words are just words. “Sticks and stones” and all of that.


But I’m of a different mindset.


I’ve always been moved by the power of the perfectly precise word. Or the carelessly chosen one.

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