February 6, 2016

Tell Me All About Your Business. In a Single Sentence.

Tell Me All About Your Business. In a Single Sentence.

“Just do it.”

“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

“It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

“This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.”

“It’s the real thing.”


These are some of the most well known taglines in the history of advertising. I didn’t tell you the names of the companies that produced them, because I’m guessing you already know. (And just to avoid trademark infringement, they’re Nike, FedEx, Timex, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, and Coca-Cola.)


Tagline is one of the most intriguing topics in the branding game. And it’s one of the most common lines of questioning I get from readers and followers.


“How do I describe my business in a single sentence?”


Your tagline can provide a directive. It can ask a question. It can disrupt current thinking. It can create intrigue so prospects come in for more. It can set you up, set you apart, set the stage for your company.


I find that business owners often think of taglines as a kind of magic. As though they’re created behind closed doors by advertising masters with super powers. As though they materialize out of thin air for writers with amazing talents.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


And the actual truth might surprise you.


A tagline comes late in the branding game. You can’t summarize your story until you can tell the whole thing. You can’t move people forward or pique their interest until you’ve nailed the most important aspects of your brand strategy.


Brand strategy is a system. It’s a step-by-step process designed to communicate your special something – your “juju” – so your business stands out from every other business in the world. It’s a system that works like this:


  1. Positioning – How is my company positioned in relation to my target market and the competition?

  2. Philosophy – What are my brand’s values, purpose, promises and beliefs?

  3. Messaging – What’s my story? How do I get it straight? And how to I keep my prospects turning the pages?

  4. Personality – If my brand was a person, who would it be? How would it walk, talk and behave in the world?

  5. Visual Imagery – What types of icons, colors or images tell the story of my business, in a split second?

  6. Touch Points – How can I create extraordinary experiences – ones that tell the story of my brand – for customers and would-be customers? Experiences they’ll talk about, Tweet about, share and remember forever?


All six of these steps are integral for the development of a truly killer brand. And when you’ve nailed them, you can describe your business in a single sentence or less. No problem at all.


First, you write the WHOLE story – then you give it a catchy title.


And if you’re looking for a step-by-step process to tell that whole story (and create the tagline), then join me for Unforgettable U.  It’s my signature online program that will take you every step of the way through the branding process. Complete it as a self-study program. Or with me as your consultant, coach, and personal brand strategist. Either way, you’ll come out on the other side with absolute clarity about what your business brings to the world.


Because people are pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down, and that should be some good juju, man.

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63 thoughts on “Tell Me All About Your Business. In a Single Sentence.

  1. Tracey says:

    Blend Therapy Training, is providing exceptional training in bodywork and holistic therapies to beginners and improvers, whether looking to expand your professional practice or treat family and friends, working to help make holistic therapies available to all!

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Tracey!! Thanks for sharing. I love your sentence. I love that you included who your market is. And I want to challenge you further with some of your words, if you’re open. 1) I’d love to know what “exceptional” is. How are you exceptional? (The more specific you are — the more “bang” your statement will have.) I’m constantly pressing for my clients to fully describe the big words (amazing, exceptional, great, life-changing, etc.), so that their prospects can see the “juju” in each an every brand. If you have questions, feel free to email me at julia@strategicjuju.com.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I am the heart and hands of Sunny’s Registered Massage Therapy & Nutrition Sense, a wellness practice the with a special interest in helping people experiencing musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction that live, work, and play in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario, Canada.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Cheryl. Love your message — love your sentence. I love that you are the “heart and hands.” I love that you’ve identified the region for your target market. I would also love if you’d tell me why I should choose your business over every other business in the area. Why are you the best? What’s your juju? If you have questions, don’t hesitate to message me or email me at julia@strategicjuju.com.

  3. Tracey says:

    Hi Julia I do love a challenge! My training is exceptional because I LOVE what I do and put my heart and soul into my teaching. I have been training elite therapists right across the UK and into Europe for over 12 years, right up to degree level clinical and sports massage. My courses teach proven protocols for getting people out of pain and restriction in six treatments or less that really build your practice. I offer the same high quality training whether you are professional or beginner and believe everyone learns best hen having fun. The bodywork I teach is proven, powerful and serious. The way we teach it is creative, fun and effective. x

    1. Julia Hook says:

      All right, Tracey!! NOW we’re getting somewhere powerful. These kinds of specifics “six treatments or less” — “proven protocols with elite therapists” — these are specific, actionable demonstrations of your juju. What I find is this: You will develop a powerhouse statement if you go through EVERY SINGLE WORD, and ask yourself this question: How can I say this in a way that’s specific, actionable and intriguing. Every word. It seems like a daunting task, but it’s so, so worth it. I love that you’re commenting here and that you’re working through it. Thank you.

  4. A Guide for Life’s Journeys, helping people overcome roadblocks in life and business.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Leisa. Thank you so much for sharing. I love your sentence. It’s brief and it’s inspiring. And if you’re up for a challenge, I want to encourage you the way I encouraged Tracey (below). Tell me about your juju. Tell me why I should hire you — out of all the businesses in the world. And then tell me, specifically, about the roadblocks. And one more: tell me about the “helping.” How do you help me? The more specific, actionable and intriguing you can be with every single word, the more people you’ll get to read further, respond or ask questions. I’m so glad you’re here. And I’m honored that you’re sharing with me and with other readers.

  5. carolyn says:

    I amplify the services provided by female solopreneur’s who are changing the lives of others. I do this by bringing my 20 years of experience to managing the people, projects and technology to their operations so they can focus on growing their business.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Carolyn! Thanks so much for sharing. Man, I love your mission. OK… I’m going to challenge you like I’ve challenged the other folks here. And like I challenge everyone who takes my Unforgettable U class. I want to have you take a couple of these words further. The more specific, actionable and intriguing you can make each and every word, the more powerful this statement will become. I want to know about “amplify” (How do you amplify? What does that mean?) and I want to know about “managing” (What were you before? HOW exactly are you qualified? What’s you juju, your superpower?) and I want to know about the operations and technology (Are you a techie? Were you a COO? What kind of operations and technology?). I understand, on some level, what you do. But I would be more inspired to act if I knew EXACTLY how you would help me — in other words, what will I get and why should I get it from you?

  6. Jenna says:

    Hi Juju. My trainings and programs help people bring the power of medicinal herbs into their lives easily, safely and with confidence.
    PS…I love your insightful questions. You always help me focus in new helpful ways on what I am conveying with my brand.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Jenna! Happy Monday!! I’m always so grateful that you’re following along. I love to see your name pop up — I know you are WORKING your brand all the time. It’s inspiring. OK… so let’s talk about your statement. I want to know SPECIFICS. Tell me about “trainings and programs.” I have an inkling of what you do — but I don’t REALLY understand. I love “safely.” That’s a super actionable word and it’s packed with intrigue (“is there a chance I’m not doing this safely?!!). But more than anything, I want to know about Jenna. The juju. Why Jenna? Why are your programs and trainings more powerful than anyone those of the “other guys and gals?” In order for you to make this really actionable, I want to feel like I cannot WAIT to hire you, because you are the BEST choice for me.

  7. Thanks. I’m in the middle of rebranding so I appreciate your feedback. I have been trying on this sentence:

    A Guide for Life’s Journeys – Powerful Strategies and Systems So You Can Break Through Roadblocks in Life and Business

    I believe it is more powerful, but it is still to long.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Leisa. OK. We’re getting somewhere. But I’m going to continue to challenge you (as long as you’re open to it). I always encourage my clients and the students in Unforgettable U to be cautious about what I call “empty” words. I call words like “powerful” and “strategic” empty. Here’s why: 1) They mean something different to everyone. So in essence, they don’t really mean what YOU’RE trying to say, and 2) Everybody uses them. So, I’m still searching for YOUR juju. I’m still searching for “Why Leisa? What’s so special about Leisa?” And if you are re-branding right now and you want to do it together, check out Unforgettable U… I’m signing on new students this week only. If you’re in the middle of the process, you might find that it takes you to a whole new level.

    2. Julia Hook says:

      And by the way — it’s not too long. You can use that number of words. Just make every word absolutely WORK for you.

  8. Thanks so much! Yes, I am up to a challenge.

    The Guide for Life’s Journeys – Get Strategies and Systems That Work, So You Can Break Through Roadblocks Standing In Your Way of Success

    Thanks for the inspiration to get this part done. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify it, as I knew it was to vague.

    Where do I learn more about Unforgettable U?

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Lisa. I LOVE a woman who likes a challenge. This is what branding is all about. Figuring out EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of how your business appears to the world. And once you’ve done this work, then the brand will work FOR you. OK… so I still want you to tell me about the strategies and systems. And this might take you a while to really nail. But if I read your statement right now, I’m still not sure exactly what you DO (what I’ll get) or exactly who YOU are (why Lisa)? So, step away from your business for a second, and let’s talk about dish soap. Statement one says, “This dish soap powerfully cleans.” And statement #2 says, “Supersonic dish soap was works with the patented bubble-icious technology that cleans dishes 25% faster than any soap on the market today. And it leaves your hands feeling as soft as a baby’s cheek.” Which one works better? I want to know why I should buy. And what I will get (and how I will feel, if you can swing it.) And to find out about Unforgettable U, go to UnforgettableU.com. I have a feeling you’ll love it.

  9. Rich says:

    Whether you have a business that desperately needs an online makeover or an idea that you want to bring to life, RichCreative can help make the process enjoyable, stress-free and efficient. We develop & design tailor made websites & logos for businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey… my new friend, Rich. I’m so excited you’re part of Unforgettable U. And I love that you’re on this and throwing it out there!! I am loving your statement. I love that you lay out the potential needs of the client (in a way that’s inspirational). I love that you tell me the HOW (enjoyable, stress-free). I’m going to press and challenge you on a couple of things: tell me about efficient. That’s one of those words I call “empty.” What does it mean? And tell me about RICH or about richcreative. I know HOW you do it (enjoyable, stress-free, efficient), but give me a bang-up statement about YOU. If you can weave in your juju, you’ll have a super, super powerful statement here.

  10. Rich says:

    Thanks Juju, I really appreciate your comments:)

    Just finished watching lesson 1…super helpful. I’m going to sit down tonight with my pencil & paper to hopefully get to that “bang-up” statement!

    1. Julia Hook says:

      I LOVE it. Can’t wait to hear about your juju. Knock ’em dead, Rich.

  11. Caroline Rigden says:

    Luxury and bespoke handmade chocolates from Foxy Chocs, delicious gifts and treats for the one you love.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Caroline. I LOVE your statement. I especially love “bespoke.” What a juicy, extravagant word… and the entire world it evokes. I have a couple of comments/questions: 1) Are they only for the one I love? Or are you limiting your market here? (If they are related to love, that’s not a criticism… just a question.) and 2), can you tell me WHY foxychocs? Can you tell me about your juju? About why I should buy from you? Or what makes these especially delicious?

  12. In Bloom Fertility-Providing specific strategy and meaningful encouragement to women struggling to conceive, to increase their fertility through nutrition, mindfulness and movement

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Becky. I love the name of your company. I think your statement is lovely, and the “nutrition, mindfulness and movement” makes it ultra-specific for me. I really know what I’m going to get. I also love meaningful encouragement. I want to know — like I’ve pressed others here today — why you? What’s your juju? Why would I choose In Bloom over another company that offers me similar things. And I also want to know (as Juju Hook, not as your client), if “strategy” is a word that’s used in your industry. Because the rest of your statement feels very emotionally powerful. And “strategy” takes me out of that place a bit. If this is a word that’s common to the industry or the goal, don’t change it. But if it’s not, you might want to search for a word that’s more in-line with the emotion and inspiration that you bring to the rest of the sentence.

  13. carolyn says:

    I love a challenge and this is tricky in a couple of sentences – I think my website itself answers these questions but … trying to do it in a couple here, hmmm…how’s this?

    “You focus on the WHAT – the specific gifts you bring to the world that changes people’s lives and I’ll focus on the HOW – the people, the technology and the processes. This way you can more of your WHAT because all the energy you’re putting into the HOW will be freed up.

    Whether it’s copy from a copywriter, graphics from a designer or a campaign from an email marketer – i’ll make sure that all the Ts are crossed and the Is are dotted and communicate exactly where your systems are providing the foundation for your business to not only support you but to help you grow. I provide ‘help you sleep at night’ management and documentation for every aspect of your online business.

    I’ve spent 20 years being the bridge between the executives’ vision and the people that get it done – translating high level initiatives to actionable detailed project plans and then delivering … again and again. ”

    Maybe ? ?

  14. Janak Mehta says:

    At ClientsOnline.com, We help Information Marketers Generate Leads & Get Clients On-demand With Facebook Advertising”

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Janak. I love it. It’s actionable and intriguing. I’m going to challenge you to go further. Can you tell me WHY I should choose you? What’s your juju? What makes you the expert that I need? And can you be more specific about “help.” That could be one of the most powerful words in your statement. How do you help me? What is it that you offer? What does “help” mean? I love to push people to make every single word as perfectly specific as possible.

  15. Keep your family’s imagination alive by reading my quality, educational books.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Maureen. Thanks for sharing your sentence with me. I’m having such a great time talking to business owners today. I checked out your website: readeatdream.net. And I’m going to challenge you to push your sentence further — to take it to a level where it inspires people to act. On your website, you talk about living “kindly on this earth.” And in your statement, you use the words “quality” and “educational.” I’d like to see you make the words more specific — I’d like to see you use words that talk about WHY your books are “quality” and “educational.” You see, the more specific your statement becomes — the more it is about the thing that really makes you great — the more powerful it becomes. I want to know about YOUR juju. And I think, based on your website, that you’ve got a ton of juju.

  16. Gauri says:

    Hi Juju, In my consulting business, it is about helping leaders think about the atmosphere they create. In my other hobby business, I want my products to be an easy way to treat yourself wickedly well

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Gauri. Thanks for sharing your business and your hobby with me. I checked out thecultureadvantage.net, and I’m going to challenge you on a phrase. And that phrase is “think about.” I think it’s a powerful phrase to use in body copy or in your messaging. In your main statement, though — in your business summary — I’d like to challenge you to use something actionable. You see, if you blog for me or provide me with free content, then I’m excited to be stimulated to think. But if I pay you — I want you to change me. I want you to give me actionable items that make my world DIFFERENT or BETTER. So, on your website, you use the words “catalyst” and “create.” And I those words move me. They tell me that YOU are what causes the chemical reaction. That Gauri makes it happen. So I’m going to challenge you to go beyond making leaders think… if that makes sense. And in your hobby — I love “wickedly well.” But I can’t tell from your sentence what you do. What are you offering? It might intrigue me enough to read further, because “wickedly” is a very sexy word. But you may do yourself a service by giving me a little more information.

  17. Amechi Udo says:

    Hi Juju

    My sentence is: Helping professional people like you get the career they deserve.

    My story is: Amechi Udo is a Career Change Strategist, a career path inspired by having to re-direct his own career when, at 29, he unexpectedly found himself with no job, home or clear career plan. Within two weeks he had a roof over his head, was earning more money than he had ever done before and, had embarked on a rewarding career path that used all his knowledge, talents and abilities to their fullest by helping other professional people and organisations to do the same.


    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Amechi. What an inspiring story. I love this. I also like the use of “matters” in your name, because it has a double meaning. And it works really well for what you offer. So, couple of things about your statement. First — you need to make “career” into “careers,” so it aligns with the word “people.” That’s just a small thing, but it counts. Secondly, I want to press you on the word “help.” I want to know, from your sentence, what you DO. And “help” is kind of an open word. It doesn’t really tell me much. I’m going to challenge you to make the statement really SING by telling me what this help means. How do you show up in my life? What does our relationship look like? What am I signing on for? I hope that makes sense… and that it helps.

  18. Hey Juju! I on working on my homework for figuring out my JuJu and I loved the first lesson so much, I can not wait to dive deeper. I have few versions of this from prior to starting your course, and I am so glad to work on narrowing it down:

    “Make It Happen provides innovative marketing, communications and social media services. My mission is to provide exceptional service and style to help your business stand out in a crowd.”

    Looking forward to working with you!

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Hey, Wendy!!

      So nice to hear from you, my new Unforgettable friend. I love that you’ve already jumped into the course. And that you’re digging it. Finding our juju is a gas, isn’t it? OK, so couple of things: Make It Happen is a GREAT name. I love it. And I’m going to challenge you — just like I’ve challenged everyone else here. One of the things you’ll hear me say in the Unforgettable U class is that service is a tough differentiator. Because in the world today — and especially here in the states — people EXPECT exceptional service. It’s become part of the price of entering the market. You have to give great service just to stay alive. So I want you to tell me what EXCEPTIONAL means. What’s great about your service? How does that make me feel or change my life? I’m going to challenge you to use a word other than service — if you can. I love style, as well. Especially since you’re a marketer. And much of what you deliver is likely about style. But again, style is a word that’s entirely open to interpretation. So if you can tell me more specifically ABOUT your style (why Wendy???), then I’m more apt to make a move in your direction. So when you read this, “exceptional service and style” — it’s nice, but it could be anyone. Make it Wendy. And then you’ll make it happen. I am so excited to work with you. This is gonna be a blast.

  19. Perfect Juju – that all helps me with my homework, I so appreciate your help!! Yes, as soon as I saw the lesson one today I saw that Service was not applicable, so I am now going to dig deep, real deep! I am super excited!

  20. Karen Power says:

    Creating Innovative Solutions to Share Your Message

  21. oooooh great question! Let’s see how I go…

    For women who’d love to design or make their own jewellery but don’t have the skill or time, we have created iROCK Jewellery where they can customize their own unique luxury fashion jewelry online. It’s fast, easy, affordable – and fun!

    I’m not happy with either of these, but they are a start 🙂

    Create your perfect you with customized luxury jewelry…
    Feel special with custom crystal jewelry designed and made just for you…

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Sarah Freeman: I LOVE your sentence. Here’s what I love: You identified the goals, dreams, fears or frustrations of your target market (they want to design jewellery, but they don’t have the skill or time. Goals and frustrations). You told me your HOW (fast, easy, affordable, online). You even called the jewellery LUXURY. Which takes me a step further. This is a GREAT message. The only thing you could do to make this sing louder, is tell me either “WHY” you’re doing it (what’s your driving force that will motivate me to want to sit next to you), or what’s your training or expertise that makes me believe you’re the one for me. These additions are not necessary. Your sentence is powerful as it stands. But if you can add that, you’ll have a tagline that makes people act. I love what you’ve posted here. Way to go.

  22. Karen Power says:

    So, I had trouble typing my website URL on my phone.

    Here’s my BRAND SPANKING NEW tagline: Creating Innovative Solutions to Share Your Message

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Karen. I’m so glad you’re here, and so glad you’re sharing. I love your energy about your tagline. And I’m going to challenge you a little bit. When I read your tagline, I’m not sure what you do, exactly. I want you to tell me EXACTLY what I will get from you — and why I would buy it from you. So, specifically, what is a “solution”. And more specifically, what is YOUR solution? Are you up to the challenge?

  23. Thanks so much for your feedback Juju (it feels weird writing Juju). We’ve been working on this for awhile, so there is a lot of research behind it, but positive feedback from experts really makes me confident we’re moving in the right direction. I’ll try and dig deeper into our why, I think it’s really important, but I trouble getting it across so to speak.

    Also, Unforgettable U sounds like a great program I’m hoping to enrol. I feel like I’ve come as far as I can with the ‘free’ reading of blog posts, webinars, etc. I’ve done, now it’s time to step it up. I just wanted you to know that’s why the program really appeals to me, I’m not sure if it’s useful for you, but thought I’d share 🙂

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Sarah. I’m super grateful for your feedback. And I do understand where you’re coming from. I have lots of followers who get real value from the blog posts and free videos. And that’s why I produce them… I really enjoy bringing something to the world that entrepreneurs can learn from. But there’s also a group that wants to dive deeper — to take things to the next level. And that’s why I created Unforgettable U. If you’re in that group, and you want to really take things to a new level, then I’d love to work with you. If it’s time for you to “step it up,” then I’m right here… waiting for you.

  24. Hayley Hemsworth says:

    raw enerG – Foods that Nourish

    Not only do we supply organic wholefoods and locally grown produce to care for your health and support our local community, but we have also created a range of easy to make raw, organic packet mixes to help you save time in the kitchen and prepare healthy treats for you and your family. If you are still wanting more, we can come and do a workshop at your place and show you and a small group of friends how to prepare a range of easy to make, healthy, nutritious, gluten, dairy and sugar free, raw food recipes.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Hayley. This is beautiful. The combo of your name and “Foods that Nourish” gives me a description of what you do. Raw, organic and local takes it even further. I would love it, if you could, if you grabbed a #1 position. (We’re the BEST locally at….) That would take things to an amazing new level. Thanks for sharing. Your description works wonderfully.

  25. beaulah says:

    Professional Coaching for BME health and social care professionals

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hi, Beaulah. Thanks for sharing. That line is crisp and clear. But it doesn’t tell me much about why I should hire YOU in particular. What’s your juju? What makes you different than the other professional coaches? I would love to know what you’re all about.

  26. Karen Power says:

    Hi Juju,

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I’m up for the challenge. I’ve been wrestling that exact thing, be specific, as I’ve been revamping my website since the branding webinar. My challenge is that I bring a variety of marketing & technology solutions to my clients. The focus of what I do is on helping them share their message (the delivery method doesn’t matter to me).

    Does that make sense?

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Yes. It sure does. And I did check out your website. So –in the context of the site, “your message” reads loud and clear. I understand what you’re offering. Outside of the site — when that tagline stands alone, it’s not quite so clear. And you may decide to appeal to the goals/hopes of the audience, rather than on your offering, in order to create some intrigue and urgency. So you might create a question that asks: Do you have something to say to the world (not in those words), and then provide yourself as the answer. That will take the focus off of the message delivery channel, and on to the important part, which is what they’re working toward. Let me know if that makes sense. And if you want to work on it together, meet me at Unforgetttable U. I just love this stuff.

  27. Karen Power says:

    My website link isn’t working in my original post. It’s http://karenpower.com

  28. Tami Garcia says:

    We are a monthly subscription that gives families an easy and convenient way to locate and book unique language, cultural and developmental activities for their kids AND play dates for their little people (and themselves).

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Tami.

      I’m so sorry I missed your sentence. This dashboard gets a little crowded sometimes, and somehow I just skipped over your comment.

      OK… I’m loving your sentence. I LOVE this. Here’s what I like about it: 1)You identified your WHAT — language, cultural and developmental activities, 2) You identified your WHO (parents AND their kids), 3) You identified your HOW — easy and convenient. When I read your sentence, I understand EXACTLY what you do. And if I was standing next to you in an elevator, you could say it to me, and I would be right on board with your mission, in 10 seconds or less. I have only one suggested, and that is to replace “we” with your company name. Then, you can shorten your sentence into a tag line by pulling out a very brief nugget of this (five words or less) to summarize. Once you do that, share with me. And we can wiggle it around until you have something that absolutely sings. This is awesome.

  29. Hayley Hemsworth says:

    Thank you for your feedback JuJu, love your work! I keep telling everybody that I have learnt more from you in 10 minutes than I have in years of courses, thank you.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Hey, Hayley. That’s really an amazing compliment. Thank you so much. I love to hear that. And if you think you want to go all the way with this, please join me at Unforgettable U. It’s a really wonderful experience and I have no doubt that you’ll love it.

  30. Jenna says:

    Hi Juju. I will try again 🙂
    Through my customized, one-on-one herbal trainings, I will show you, step by step, how to create your own herbal pantry (called an apothecary), stocked with herbs that you know and understand, to safely and easily incorporate the power of medicinal plants into your daily life to help sustain health and increase vitality.
    Well, that seems like a very long sentance. lol. But I think it is actually grammatically correct, even if it’s long winded 😉

    1. Julia Hook says:

      My friend, Jenna… I love your perseverance!! BAM. That’s a hell of a brand proposition. It tell what you do, how you do it, and how it will improve the lives of your buyers. If I was standing next to you in an elevator and I said, “Jenna, what do you do?” And you said that to me, I would think: Now THAT is an interesting business, and that Jenna knows what she’s talking about. I love it. You’re not gonna be able to stack it under your logo. It’s long. But you can pull a “nugget” out of there, for sure, and turn it into a tagline. And I highly recommend you use the word apothecary, because it’s a very sexy word.

  31. Jenna says:

    Juju…. You’re the best. I mean that. There is something very special about the way you explain things. You’ve got it going on. I’m picking up what you’re putting down 😉 Thanks for all the help.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Thanks, Jenna. Go rock it, girl!!

  32. Rich says:

    Hi Juju,

    Still work in progress, but what do you think?

    Whether you have a business that desperately needs an online makeover or an idea that you want to bring to life, RichCreative can help make the process enjoyable & stress-free.

    RichCreative develop & design tailor made websites & logos for businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

    We are passionate & approachable, believing that long-term relationships are the key to success.

  33. Tracey says:

    Thank you Julia x

    1. Julia Hook says:

      My pleasure, Tracey!

  34. I finally got the next draft done. Thanks for posting this, as it finally gave me the motivation to get it done.

    Here’s what I have now:

    Leisa is fiercely passionate about helping change-makers be who they are destined to be, so they can deliver their unique message, do what they came here to do, and make a massive impact in this world. Working with Leisa is like being handed a step-by-step roadmap to your ultimate destination. With her as a guide you’ll finally connect the dots on your journey, take effective and courageous action toward your true vision, and leave roadblocks behind, so you can thrive and finally do what you came here to do.

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