January 16, 2017

A Crash Course in the Dream 100. Lesson #1: What and Why

A Crash Course in the Dream 100. Lesson #1: What and Why

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
— John Lennon


Everything about brands that transcend – and businesses that remain in business – is connected to connection. We no longer live in an economy driven by transaction. Today, our economy is driven by experience. And no experience is richer, more fulfilling, or more apt to lead to a next experience than one that includes REAL connection through shared values.


If I believe what you believe, I wanna hang out with you, man. If you believe what I believe, you’ll be singin’ my song by morning. If we bond over what we both feel is true and right, it beats a pinky swear by a clear mile.


Over the course of several days last week, I talked in broad strokes and specifics about how to connect with prospects and customers by sharing your values and beliefs. (If you missed those posts, you can catch the last of them, which includes links to all three, by clicking here.) And one of the specifics I mentioned was the cultivation of a Dream 100 list.


I learned about the Dream 100 from my mentor and online Superman, Russell Brunson. And he learned about it from Chet Holmes, in the book The Ultimate Sales Machine. And each of the three of us has spun it to suit our own beliefs and values around business. This is how it works for me:


Your Dream 100 is a list of 100 influencers you’d most like to get next to. These 100 people share your values, and stand to help you communicate those values – in any number of ways – to your prospects and customers.


When I created my Dream 100, I started with a list of influencers in marketing and branding. But I quickly realized that the list would be much more meaningful for me – and so would the relationships I was on a quest to build – if I chose people who believed what I believed. People who inspired me or moved me to act because I was pickin’ up what they were puttin’ down — AND my heart was in it.


So, to begin, create a list of your core brand values for reference.


Next, create four separate lists, each with 25 dream members:

  1. Bloggers
  2. Social Media Personalities
  3. Business Owners/List Owners
  4. Podcasters


And here’s an important trick in choosing a Dream 100 group that will work with you, and for you:


Choose folks who serve your ideal clients, but don’t compete with your products.


For instance, I sell informational products related to branding. I have all kinds of business gurus on my Dream 100 list. And they all serve target markets that I pursue. But not a single one of them offers branding in any form. This allows me to be faithful follower, collaborator, thoughtful commenter, and strategic alliance… without ever being perceived as a competitor, threat, or imitator. As my good man, Russell B says, I fit into the ecosystem organically. And as I grow, I’ll become an integral element in the environment.


Now… here’s the most important task associate with the Dream 100:


Make getting to know these influencers part of your daily routine.


Note that I did NOT say: “Create a great big project and throw yourself into it for three days.”

Sure, connections might happen as part of a big project. But connections are sustained over the long haul. Which means your Dream 100 represents an ongoing labor of love that you MUST build into your weekly to-do list, or it will never get done. (Not sure how to do this? Don’t sweat it. Tomorrow, I’m going to give you some surefire ways to connect, show respect, and impress.)


Still asking, “What the hell is in this for me?”


Here goes:

Content for Curation: Your Dream 100 will be, literally, a wealth of information. Share their posts, articles, interviews, episodes, anecdotes, and quotes with your own list. And when you do so, share them with thoughtful comments of your own that relate the dream connection’s core values back to yours. So folks can see what you stand for by what you share. (When you tag the dream connection in the share, they’ll also begin to see the connection, and they’ll be grateful for the exposure.)


Exposure to Other Audiences: Many of the folks in your Dream 100 will have their own lists, followings, or fans. As you get to know them, you’ll have opportunities for access to these crowds. Initially, you may just hang around in their spaces as a thoughtful commenter. But eventually, if you create a relationship with true value on both sides, you may collaborate on products, cooperate on affiliate sales, guest blog, or any number of other things that put you in front of a dream audience.


Validation by Association: The old, “it’s who you know” line never really goes out of style. And with your Dream 100, who you know will give you street cred. Find ways to get next to them, or in their circles, and share it with your list. Remember, though, that this is about values and connection. Not about showmanship. So make it count. Perhaps you interview your Dream connections for blog posts, telesummits, podcasts, or other content that’s geared toward your beliefs and values. Join their Mastermind groups, courses, or coaching groups, or attend their smaller live events. When you find legitimate ways for them to see you, then you can set out to be seen with them.


Learning and Expansion: We’re all exposed to gurus and thought leaders day in and day out. I have unlimited resources to turn to for learning, and I know you do, as well. With a Dream 100, you’ll be able to do a deep dive over time. You’ll expand because, by sharing, commenting, correlating and continued presentation of their materials, you’ll assimilate those materials. It’s one thing to read a book. It’s another thing to read a book, break it down, and provide a blog post or video that teaches the material to your prospects.


In tomorrow’s post, I’m going to talk about how you can add value to the lives of your Dream 100. And on Wednesday, I’m going to talk about how your relationships with your Dream 100 can add value to the lives of your prospects and clients.


It’s a win-win-win, this Dream 100 thing. I seriously can’t get enough of it.


So get a glass of pinot noir and a bag of those really good kettle-style potato chips with the salt and the pepper (if that sounds delicious to you, we’ve got a chance for a real connection), and get your list started. I’ll catch you on the flip side.

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14 thoughts on “A Crash Course in the Dream 100. Lesson #1: What and Why

  1. Never thought of it this way. My dream 100 was always people in my field. Back to the drawing board.

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Shanrika — they can definitely be people in your field. Just don’t compete with them head-to-head. Find a way to work next to them… to benefit from the alliance and avoid any potential conflict. It will be the biggest bang for your time and energy.

  2. Tricia says:

    Wow this makes so much sense on so many levels! Thanks for helping me to see it from this perspective and outline the way to take action on it. I’m going to make my lists in the morning!

    1. Julia Hook says:

      I’m so glad it was helpful for you, Tricia! And I love to see that action plan! Make it happen, my friend!!

  3. Karen Magill says:

    I enjoyed this entry and it made so much sense to me. The part that struck a chord with me was “If I believe what you believe, I wanna hang out with you, man. If you believe what I believe, you’ll be singin’ my song by morning. If we bond over what we both feel is true and right, it beats a pinky swear by a clear mile.”

    For too long I have been trying to get a business going and hanging around with people with whom I have to keep my opinions to myself. If I don’t, I’m ignored or put down. Enough. It is time to align myself with those who share my view on how to improve society and life.

    Thank you for opening my eyes. Now to find the 100 people!

    1. Julia Hook says:

      Thanks, Karen. I’m glad that struck a chord with you, because values congruence is, in my opinion, the strongest tool of a genuine and transparent brand strategy. Not only will you create real relationships when you think that way, you’ll also make your own day as an entrepreneur so much nicer and more rewarding. Don’t keep your opinions to yourself. Shout them from the mountaintops. And see who climbs up to meet you there.

  4. Rachel Klein says:

    Great article! It makes so much sense. I’m just a little unsure of how I find these people? Or seems like it would take am awful lot of time to do the research and figure out, these people that you align with, and that your audience aligns with.
    Any ideas with that?

  5. Israel says:

    Of course, I always love your writing and content. This series is no different. Great value and great directional steps that I am able to break down and apply bit by bit. Thank you!

  6. Hey Julie, this is so helpful. I was looking for an introduction to the Dream 100 idea for a client…and found your article. She works in digital design and websites, so this is perfect! Thank you – Chris 🙂

  7. Sorry Julia! Not Julie 🙂

  8. I’ve seen videos and heard podcasts on this topic, but I definitely bookmarked your post as a quick reference guide! Thanks for putting it together!

  9. Willy says:

    If you would like to go deeper… He goes.
    Locate 100 desired peers. Give all your business services to them for FREE.
    All they have to do is appear on your podcast, youtube, web site testimonial… discuss their life and how your product or service helped them.
    IMPORTANT: Publish you Celebrating them winning with your help.
    The 100 Peers must have large audiences and buy into your Vision. Basically all the New media attention introduces you to their audience. This is worth about a million dollars in advertising for the price of your fun adventure with your Dream 100. It goes deeper but that will help you this time!

  10. Jaime says:

    Excellent content!!

  11. Bob Dawe says:

    I love Pinot noir & s&p kettle chips! And I resonate with your message. Good to find you.

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