It’s your brand identity. Who defines it?
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It’s your brand identity. Who defines it?

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post about some friends of mine – close friends whom I respect and admire – who fell into a hole when they received a damning review of their services on Yelp by a very powerful client. The hole they fell into was one of inactivity and fear.


But it was more than that – they fell into a hole of self-denial. And they created that hole when they allowed their business to be defined –in their own minds – by the opinion of someone else.


A full year later, they’re just beginning to crawl out of that hole. And they’re squinting in the bright light of the gorgeous day that’s before them.


In my first post, I talked about the inactivity. About HOW to get up and begin again when we feel bruised or crushed, when we feel overwhelmed by the size of our to-do lists, or underwhelmed by our own performances.


The answer to inactivity is relatively simple. It’s activity. Of any kind. In order to move forward, we need momentum. And we gain momentum when we’re in motion. You can read about that here.


I received an unusually large number of responses to that blog post. I had lots of readers come forward and say that similar things had happened to them – that they’d felt just the way these two talented gentlemen felt when they were attacked with criticism that was brutal at best, and destructive at worst.


And I think there are other elements of this story – this whole situation – that are ripe for discussion.


Perhaps the biggest issue here is how we allow ourselves, and our businesses, to be defined.

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How to Breathe Life into a Paper Doll
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How to Breathe Life into a Paper Doll

Shallow and meaningless.


Looks great on paper, not so interesting in real life…


Just another pretty face.


Skin deep.




Empty. Devoid of character.


Arm candy.


Does this sound like someone you’d hang out with? Make a connection with? Follow to the ends of the Earth? Is this a person you’d share your money with? Invest in? Believe in? Tell your friends about?


Not one bit.


But here’s what’s interesting: I meet brands like this every day.


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If Your Brand Was a Person, Who Would it Be?
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If Your Brand Was a Person, Who Would it Be?

Think about your favorite three brands. Just close your eyes, and allow your top three brands to pop into your head.


There are, undoubtedly, a host of reasons you’re attracted to these brands. But whether you realize it or not, one of the things you’re likely most attracted to are their personalities.


I meet a lot of small business owners who believe that logos, colors and fonts drive brands.


When we first begin to “brand,” these are the things we focus on. I hear entrepreneurs say, “I just hired a designer to do my brand,” or “I just branded my website.”


This approach leaves a tremendous amount of unfinished business on the table. And one of the juiciest pieces it overlooks is brand personality.


I challenge my clients to answer this question: If your brand was a person, who would it be?

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