The Stand-Out Gift of the Season for Women
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The Stand-Out Gift of the Season for Women

Does your wife or girlfriend have a big BUT?


Does she complain about her big BUT?


Is she self-conscious about her big BUT?


Does her big BUT affect her feelings of self-worth?


Are you exhausted from having conversations about the big BUT?


I’ve got great news. I’ve developed a solution. And it’s the holiday gift that keeps on giving.


Allow me to explain:


Over the past year, I’ve spoken with HUNDREDS of women about the “one thing” they’ve always wanted to do. And you know what? Every single woman has one. And most of them aren’t doing that one thing… at all.


But they sure are talking about it.


It sounds like this:


“I’ve always wanted to write a book, BUT…”

“I want to start my own business, BUT…”

“Mary is so happy since she became a yoga teacher, and I’d like to be a yoga teacher, too, BUT…”

“There’s a woman at work who’s running a marathon, and I know if SHE could do it, I could do it, BUT…”


Do you have any of this going on at your house?

And do these big BUT conversations leave you in a no-win situation?


What if I could show you that the only way to deal with your girl’s big BUT, is to turn it into a badass?


And what If YOU could show HER that you believe in her, that you see something in her that she can’t see in herself, and that you KNOW she is a true badass?


Good news. You can.


But first you need to understand that the ONLY way to effectively go from big BUT to badass is with a Permission Slip.


Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not telling you to give your wife or girlfriend permission. That’s gonna make her mad. And it would make me mad, too.


I’m telling you that you can support her in giving HERSELF permission.

Because the only way she’s ever going to reach deep down inside and access the badass that’s in there, is to give herself permission.


I know this, because I’ve experienced it first-hand, and I spent years hating and railing against my own big BUT. But those days are gone. And they’re gone, because I gave myself PERMISSION to do my great big thing.


I’ve learned that there are three secrets to going from big BUT to badass, and I’ve addressed all of them in my new program for women (this year’s hottest holiday gift), Badass Permission Slip.


>>>Secret #1: In order for women to eliminate the big BUT, they must give themselves an official Permission Slip, and it must include a 4-step SYSTEM of elements: ditch it, see it, own it, be it. (It’s not important that you become involved in these elements… only that you give the love of your life access to them.)


>>>Secret #2: The reasons that women continue through life with big BUTs are 2-fold: “terrible toos” and “enough stuff.” It sounds like this: “I want to (insert big thing here), but I’m too fat, too old, too shy, too broke, too short….” Or “I want to (insert big thing here), but I’m not smart enough, experienced enough, old enough, brave enough…” Again, do you have any of this going on at your house?


>>>Secret #3: As much as you want to help your wife or girlfriend with this, what she really needs is a group of women who are all going from big BUT to badass TOGETHER. She needs some badass friends, and some clear direction.


I want you to imagine for a moment what it will be like when your wife or girlfriend ditches her big BUT and does the thing she’s always wanted to do.


Imagine how happy she’ll be. How confident she’ll feel. How fulfilled she’ll become.


And I want you to image how wonderful she will feel when you give her a gift that says, “I believe in you. I know you can do this. There’s nothing wrong with you. I see you for the amazing badass you have always been.”


This isn’t something I imagined. My husband did it for me once, long ago.


Here’s the thing: women can do this the hard way, or they can do it the easy way. The hard way is with them struggling through the “terrible toos” and the “enough stuff,” while at the same time searching for your support.


The easy way? It begins with the people around her (hint, hint, that’s you…) giving her a gentle push, a huge hug, and access to a permission slip she can write for herself.


I’ve created that Badass Permission Slip. And I created it to be totally empowering and an absolute BLAST, all at the same time.


>>>It’s a six-week online program where she’ll meet an amazing private community of other women – all going from big BUT to badass together.


>>>It includes a super fun, badass class each week that she can watch at her own pace.


>>>It includes group coaching, where women can ask questions, share, and work through issues.


>>>And it includes daily doses of badass, in her in box, to keep her motivated and moving forward, until that big BUT is gone… for good.


It’s the only solution out there, designed specifically to take women from big BUT to badass in six weeks or less. And it’s the stand-out gift of the season.



Click here to enroll the woman you love in Badass Permission Slip today.


You could buy her another bathrobe or pair of earrings, but is that gonna make you a hero?


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5 Reasons Women Over 50 Should Start Something Big, Bold, and New
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5 Reasons Women Over 50 Should Start Something Big, Bold, and New

Last February I went to Mammoth, snowboarding with some friends. (To be totally transparent, they snowboarded. I drank Pinot Noir.) In the bar I met a couple of women who were pushing 50, with teenaged kids. We got to talking about life, and I told them that at 49, I’d packed up my successful business to become a motivational writer and coach.

One of them said, “God, I wish I was as brave as you. I’ve always wanted to be a girls’ basketball coach. But it’s too late now. It just seems stupid. How would I even begin?”

She felt what so many women who are circling 50 feel:

It’s too late. That ship has sailed. If I was going to do it, I should have done it by now.

Since that time, I’ve spoken to hundreds of women between 45 and 60. And I’ve found an alarmingly common thread:

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Why We Give Perfectly Horrible Gifts
17/11/16 Uncategorized

Why We Give Perfectly Horrible Gifts

You know the feeling you get the moment you watch someone open a gift that you gave them, and they LOVE it?

You see this kind of wave wash over them – a wave of love that you created? in that moment, they see how you really feel about them. They realize that you chose something JUST for them, because you know them, you SEE them, you understand them, and you want them to be happy.

Man, I love that feeling of purposeful giving. I have always totally grooved on that feeling. I plan for it, hope for it, wait for it… relish it.

But good lord, it gets all jacked up sometimes, doesn’t it?

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The Legend of Beverly Best
19/08/16 Uncategorized

The Legend of Beverly Best

My best childhood friend, Stacy, lost her dad to a brain tumor about 17 years ago. He was young. She and her brothers and sisters were devastated. It completely altered their reality, and they struggled for many years to recover.


Last week they said goodbye to the final piece of their father. They sold his weekend mountain retreat in Pinetop, Arizona. The place held a million memories for Stacy and her siblings and they only very reluctantly agreed to pass it on to someone else. It was sitting vacant week after week and year after year. And as much as it hurt to let it go, everyone knew it was the right thing to do.


So they got a realtor from the area, Bev Best, and she facilitated the sale. It wasn’t a big commission for Bev. It was just a tiny condo.


But it was a big win for Bev. Because she did something that every great brand knows how to do:

She made her client say, “I can’t believe she just did that.” And then she got her client to speak about her as though she was a legend.

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Turning a Snafu Into “I Love You”
08/08/16 Uncategorized

Turning a Snafu Into “I Love You”

Last Friday my dog groomer, Danielle, didn’t show up.


Danielle is a peach. Diego and I are both crazy about her, and we have a standing appointment every other Friday. So when she didn’t show, I wasn’t aggravated. I was concerned. She’s never done anything like that before. And I thought maybe something had happened to her.

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What Are You So Afraid Of?
27/07/16 Uncategorized

What Are You So Afraid Of?

Have you ever been so afraid to do something that you’d do anything else just to avoid doing that thing?


Like being so afraid to write your keynote speech that you organized your silverware drawer?


Or so afraid to have the conversation with your best friend about how your feelings were hurt, that you washed all the linens in the house?


Or so afraid to go for that promotion at work, that you decided to start training for a marathon?


I’ve been there SO MANY times.


But a couple of years ago, I realized that some fears are buried so deeply, and their black magic has worked its way into our lives so seamlessly, that we can’t even see them. Sometimes someone else has to point them out to us.

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Calling it Quits on Sales Shaming
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Calling it Quits on Sales Shaming

I grew up surrounded by the car business. My dad was an old-school car dealer. The kind who would say to customers things like, “Whaddya think, we plug these lights into the moon?” or “Whaddya mean you have to ask your wife? What kind of sissy has to ask his wife if he can buy a car?”


He carried a wad of cash in his pocket with a rubber band around it, instead of a wallet. He wore Sansabelt slacks that coordinated perfectly with matching polyester-blend golf shirts and pullover v-neck sweaters with little penguins embroidered on the left breast. He golfed 18 holes most every afternoon, and spent his evenings in lounges with high-back red leather booths, velvet wallpaper, and great big porterhouse steaks… a glass of something clear, amber, and on the rocks invariably in-hand.


In the 1970’s he broke Nissan’s sales record for the most new vehicles sold in a single month. (They were still Datsun then.) When he died in 2008, the record still stood.


When I was a little girl, I thought my dad smelled like 50% perspiration, and 50% California sunshine. I thought he could make money rain from the sky.


But I never wanted to be a car dealer.


Sales? Ewwww.
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Is “Be Yourself” Bad Brand Advice?
07/06/16 Uncategorized

Is “Be Yourself” Bad Brand Advice?

Authenticity has become an overused buzzword. No one uses “authenticity” authentically any more. And this weekend, there was a lively debate in the media about its true meaning – and more importantly – about its benefits and potential dangers related to success.

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How My Golden Retriever Runs a Successful Operation
31/05/16 Uncategorized

How My Golden Retriever Runs a Successful Operation

We have a 104-pound Golden Retriever.


We used to tell ourselves he was big-boned, but we’ve come to face the facts. He’s just fat. He has more junk in his trunk than a traveling encyclopedia salesman. (If you’re under 45 you might not get that… So suffice it to say, Diego’s ass is enormous.)

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Ever Try Too Hard?
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Ever Try Too Hard?

I haven’t been my consistent wordy self on the blog for the past few weeks, because I’ve been trying.


I’ve had my head down, trying to make something work.

Pushing. Pressing. Testing. Tweaking. Wiggling. Testing.

Sighing. Crying. Laughing. Singing. Then sighing and crying again…


I did my very first yoga video just after I turned 40, almost ten years ago. It was Baron Baptiste’s “Journey into Power.” Everything about yoga was new and weird and amazing for me, and for long moments I just sat and stared at Baron.


But when he said, “Don’t try hard; try easy, “ I had to stop and rewind.
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